Wednesday, January 20, 2016

In Adversity and in Ease of Way.......

Yesterday was a day that could have changed the course of our lives.....but it didn't.  It didn't.

The enemy tried to seed my mind with fear while we waited for the test results, and my thoughts went the route of anticipating the "worst," though I battled against it.  I had done really well until the day before when I got a call from the doctor's office saying he wanted to schedule me to go over the imaging.  I'd already been scheduled, so it kind of threw me.  You know how the mind can take off and go bad places.

But the sonograms showed nothing at all of concern.  Nothing.  The abdominal "mass" wasn't there on the imaging.  The doctor thinks maybe he felt a muscle in an unusual position.  There is nothing kidney-wise that would indicate cause of back pain, either.  Nothing at all.

So, we are grateful.  So very grateful.  Still no answers about my back pain, but that's better than what it could have been.

In the midst of our own blessing, yesterday held a lot of challenges for others we love.  My aunt called to tell me my uncle is in the hospital, having had a seizure.  He has Alzheimer's, and is failing.  It is so hard to watch from a distance.  And a well-loved lady in our community had surgery for ovarian cancer.  There is just so much heartache here on earth.

But, in the midst, He is teaching us that He is the Author and Finisher of our faith and our story.  He is still writing, and has not lost the plot line.

My dear daughter Jessie, also in the midst of the "hard" of life, wrote this poem yesterday and shared it with me.  She has been given such a gift.  I wept as I read.

Dear Father, sore disgruntled do I find
My heart, my mind, my spirit on this day
Upon which overt cloud does ne'ry wind
Blow over the bright sun to cause this grey.

Oh Father, 'tis but life on earth below--
That footstool in the space before Thy throne--
Which agitates and wounds me even so,
With forked tongue asserting I'm alone.

We walk in pain, we rail, we even die;
We fail, we lose our way, become undone;
We founder, yea, and ask the reason why--
Full-knowing it's because we're Adam's Son.

"Sweet child," You say when finally I pause,
"Does't thou forget there is another truth--
The Dayspring Who has taken up the cause
Of Adam's race and spent on it His Youth,

His sole ambition, power, and His life?
These darkened days prolong for purpose one:
To make of thee a strong and noble wife
Fit finally to be wedded with My son."

In silence then I sit with hand on mouth
Like Job before the whirlwind as of old
Lest there escape my lips a word uncouth
To contradict this myst'ry I've been told.

Let, then, this timely chiding be our bliss:
We are but players half-way through our play.
So gird we up like men our loins with this:
Our faith is pledged unto a brighter day.
Copyright © 2016 Jessie Erickson

Amen.  And amen.

Thank you so much for praying with us.  I say it again and again, and I mean it more every time.